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During All-Star in Shanghai, we will get a preview of the newest map in production, Magma Chamber. This map is designed for individual and pair competition. (1v1 or 2v2).

Magma Chambers Magma Chambers

This is still just a sneak peak of the map as the public release is still a while's away. Riot Games is hoping to launch this before Season 4 but there is still lots of work to do.

Magma ChambersMagma Chambers Magma Chambers

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Featuring 25 of the best players from around the globe, a tournament with World Championship implications and an exclusive skills competition, the All-Star Event promises three days of non-stop action.

Be sure to be on May 24 to 26 to watch this exciting event. Players from world regions have been voted by the community as the best and will come together into 5 different teams.

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Images of an unreleased Morgana skin was leaked yesterday. The skin, called "La Llorona", is said to be released in celebration of the upcoming Latin America servers.

Availability and dates are unknown as there has yet to be an official announcement from Riot.

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Congratulations and great job to our Roster picks for Adrenalize Black!

  • Top - TPNTokyla
  • Jungle - Koolgus
  • Mid - Liquid Inori
  • ADC - Maln
  • Support - Wittrock

Thanks to EVERYONE that was involved either in tryouts or setting things up for the culmination with the great tryout games!

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